New Release: ‘Rough and Rowdy Ways’ by Bob Dylan


Bob Dylan has released 'Rough and Rowdy Ways', his first album in 8 years. His new music explores life, death and the many detours in between. The legendary artist recently gave a rare interview with the New York Times in which he discussed mortality and drawing inspiration from the past for his new record.


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"For an artist who's quite literally said nothing new for the last eight years, he suddenly turned very loquacious indeed, unleashing a series of dense, allusive tracks packed with thorny references to art, literature and pop culture. There is nothing that doesn't hit home."- The Guardian


"The Album could be interpreted as a reflection, and perhaps capper, to Dylan's 32-year-old 'Never Ending Tour'."- The Financial Times


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Bob Dylan's Never Ending Tour began in 1988 and has consisted of over 3000 live  shows to date. With shows temporarily on hold, this time has allowed Dylan to create in other ways, creating arguably his most relevant output of music, visual artwork and literature to-date.


'I paint landscapes, I paint nudes, I contain multitudes' - Bob Dylan


June 19, 2020